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Straight from the farm, to your homes.

Every harvest that we do is carefully planned in advance just to ensure that the banana leaves are delivered at its best. This is a farmers-run business with traditional farming methods and thus you get what you see. This is a generational farming output and is run with utmost transparency.


Production starts from sapling planting (800 per 1 acre).

Each sapling is grown for 8 to 9 months to lose its leaves and it is not until the 10th month that we will see the fruits. Once the fruits are harvested, we can find small saplings budding on the sides of the main tree. After 3 to 6 months, leaves can be found in the saplings on the side. With these productions we can supply daily for 1 year.


The next stage is to place your order. In order to give it fresh and easily consumable:

If you are a Catering owner and an individual, place the order 3 days before. If you are a Chain of restaurants, 1 day before you might need the banana leaves.



Once you have placed the order, your banana leaves are ready to be shipped. If you are in and around Thanjavur, we will transport it directly using private vehicles.

If you are in Chennai, Coimbatore and Trichy, our delivery partners will directly deliver to your locations.


Contact or support:
In case you have any discrepancies,

For Catering owners and individuals : Direct contact from the company will provide support. For Chain of restaurants : First two days will have direct contact, after two days a dedicated delivery partner will get in touch to resolve any issue.